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Why Texting Sometimes Leads to Confusion

Texting; regardless how handy it can be, it also comes with some negative perks.

For start, it does not display or convey emotions that is usually visible when you talk to a person face to face.

But, then, they invented emojis.

It may be one interim solution but that does not mean it is always right.

How texting can bring in confusion?

  • A text msg does not carry emotional visibility
  • It almost never carry the situational context to understand what a person is going through
  • It also does not explain the surrounding scenarios
  • It looks sharped edged when written without explaining context or situational scenarios

How do you communicate with proper emotional response then?

  • You can make use of tools like Slack, Skype or informal data calls via WhatsApp and similar
  • You can also summarize the context over a call rather than use text
  • You should not write long emails, because it is unproductive when there are too many responses involved. You can actually come to a conclusion by doing a group call over skype
  • Make use of emojis with all text conversation to carry a light hearted approach into it.


  • Be aware of time zone differences
  • Initiate a call after you get a confirmation via text first
  • Be aware of people during working hours, they might be busy on work activities or can be engaged in meetings. You can always text them first before you can make a call.

If you are interested to know more about professional / work communication methods, You can read this article I have posted on my other website.

Why Texting Sometimes Leads to Confusion
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